Acne Treatment: $59

Skin Polishing: $85

Rejuvenating & Hydrating: $85

Deep Pore Cleansing: $85

Back Facial: $85
Dermaplaning: $25
We offer a wide variety of facials, including:
acne treatments, skin polishing & rejuvenating.
All facials include steam,
extractions and masks.  Each facial is designed for the individual needs and and preformed by a licensed medical aesthetician

Chemical Peels
Signature, Glycolic,
Lactic or Salycilic: $100
VI Peel (www.vipeel.com)
Medical Grade: $250

We use various types of chemical solutions consisting of Alpha, Lipo & Beta Hydroxy Acids. These specialty treatments are gently applied with the utmost care to remove the damaged outer layers of the epidermis. Results consist of removing sun damage, fine lines, and active acne. Refines pores, and swifter cellular regeneration. Overall better tone and clarity. 

Full Face (Including Neck): $150
Full Face, Neck & Decollete: $175
Back Treatment:$99

Aluminum Oxide Crystals are used in crystal Microdermabrasion. Diamond Crystals are used in Non-Crystal Microdermabrasion. These unique treatments ablate the skins damaged surface. Micro-resurfacing occurs as a form of mechanical exfoliation & suction are combined. Removes dead skin cells. This will diminish fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and shallow acne scars. Improves texture and will aid in better skincare penetration by 50%. 

Micro - Current



Microcurrent uses electronic pulses to renew the energy needed for muscle movement and nerve impulses. The flow of these tiny electrical signals allows for healthy cell function. It is beneficial for the improvement of the skins appearance, reduces acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles and aged slacked skin. 

Microsonic Treatment.....$199
Infuses Elastin & Peptides
10 Treatment Series....$1495​